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God and Sexuality (booklet)


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32 Page Booklet

For most, the words “God and sexuality” go together as comfortably as “police and burglary.” But did you know that the world began with a naked couple being commanded by their Creator to have sex? Or do you think that the existence of both male and female throughout the millions of Earth’s creatures (with the corresponding, amazingly complementary apparatus) was the random result of a cosmic accident? While animals were given instinct to procreate during particular mating times, God designed humans to enjoy physical intimacy year-round.

Many people are very familiar with the gift of sex, but are not so well informed about the Giver. This short booklet will help you understand God’s wonderful design for sexuality — and for you.

This 32-page booklet tastefully offers answers to several tough questions, such as:
Are gays “born that way”?
What’s wrong with gay marriage?
Why wasn’t the word “homosexuality” in the Bible until the 1900s?
Was Sodom’s sin being inhospitable, and not homosexuality?

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