God Speaks

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God Speaks: Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness (208 pages, softcover)
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From the mouth of Almighty God are precious gems that bring with them profound hope.

Although we try to fortify ourselves against the storms of life, they are virtually unavoidable. We can find hope in the Old Testament story of Job. When Job lost everything, he never lost his faith in God. Instead he sought a face-to-face audience with God, because he had several questions that he needed answered. When God spoke He didn’t answer even one of Job’s questions. Instead, He had 70 questions of His own.

Within these 70 questions are hidden amazing scientific truths that were not discovered by this world until more than three thousand years later. God Speaks is filled with remarkable knowledge, wisdom of which the world knows nothing — precious gems that bring with them hope of which this pain-wracked world could use now more than ever.

“As life inevitably takes each of us through sufferings similar to that of Job, we will no doubt have similar questions to those Job asked — Where is God in all this? Why doesn’t He deliver me? God Speaks gives answers and with those answers will come much needed comfort.” Kirk Cameron

“The storms of this life are inevitable, and we know from scripture that only those who build their house on rock will survive. God Speaks lays out God’s building plans through the gospel simply and succinctly. It is the perfect gift for those who don’t know the Lord, as well as for those who need comfort in tribulation.” Todd Friel (Wretched Radio/TV).

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